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Spring Changes

  My neighbor took this photo the other day.  Spring has arrived and the blooms are welcoming a new season. Hello dear old house lovers.  Is spring finding you well?  Here at my house another spring has arrived for this 1889 beauty.  The crabapple tree I planted in the front yard 13 years ago is growing strong and showing her wonderful blooms and fragrance.    The cherry trees in the boulevard begin to bloom too as well as the day lilies, peonies and lilac bushes begin to awaken from a long Minnesota winter.  Spring means change, rebirth but also the discovery of what has died over a long winter.  Spring brings the renewed hope for fresh weather, sunny days and a new season with long days filled with bright light, heavy thunderstorms, lazy afternoons on the porch and sweltering temps.  Spring of 2022 is also bringing something not entirely unexpected to me but a day that I have not been excited about. Owning the house since 2005 so much has changed in my life.  I am older, less energet

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